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I apologize, the internet at my house isn’t the greatest. But let’s it not drag us down! The show must go on.

This’ll be a double feature, which means y’all get to see what episodes I found enjoyable and unenjoyable. Justifications behind them all, of course. It’s not fair to say, I dislike this and then have my nose up in the air. Same thing with liking something.

Episode 5//We spent the night together

This was an episode that kind of frustrated me. It’s like a competition of two people to get the attention of the person they really like. Midori and Kanna end up having to teach Tamako to swim before they go onto a class trip. Well, during their day shenanigans we see that Dera learns about the little crush that Mochizo has on Tamako and gets determination to get him and Tamako together. Well, Midori someway through their class trip catches scent of what Mochizo was going to do, a confession.


Come on, they would look cute! Curses for two childhood friends.

Of course, throughout the rest of the day Midori attempts to get in the way of Mochizo and Dera. But seeing his perseverance of perusing Tamako, Midori calms down and lets what is happening happen.


Hmmm, who will win the compition for the attention of Tamako.


I feel like the fact that it’s two childhood friends fighting for Tamako’s attention, it made it hard to cheer for someone to win in the end. And even in the end, he never really confessed to Tamako. So, more or less in the end it was a major what in the world why did I watch this deal. I felt like it was more like an emotional overboard as you watched the major character waltz around enjoying her time as two other characters fight to show their true feelings.


Episode 4//A Small Love Blooms

Here we get a look into Tamako’s younger sisters life. She has been invited to the museum by a crush. But she has to stay behind and help dress younger girls for the parade that was about to happen. The question is; would she make it in time to go with her crush and friends? No


D’awww, she did the same thing when she was younger.

Now as for why I enjoyed this episode is because we got to see daily life from a different point of view but we also got to see a type of development of a secondary character. We got to see someone other than the main cast get upset and even excited over a crush. Plus, despite the fact she didn’t win in the end, we got to see Anko enjoy her time within the Market she lives in.


Come on, who wouldn’t like a face like that?



Posted on: June 6, 2013

Yeah, I’m starting to run out of introduction topics. Luckily, this’ll be the last post in my introduction week.

This next anime for this month is Welcome to the NHK. I must admit, this is one whacked out anime that I’ve watched! Sadly NHK doesn’t mean for the Nippon Hoso Kyokai but for the Nihon Hikikomori Kyōkai, which would be a program created by the NHK to create Hikikimoris. Trust me the more you get into the show the more that this’ll make since. Or not!


I mean serious looked at how stressed out he is!

This anime looks through the life of a hikikimori, or a person who keeps themselves shut in having panic attacks when they go outside. This hikikimori’s name is Tatasuhiro Sato, a college drop out, attempting to survive by only living inside, because of some kind of conspiracy on the life around him. One day, he has a random encounter with a young girl claiming she can cure him of his hikikimori ways. Now, I was told that if I didn’t introduce her I would have to pay one million yen and the last time I’ve checked, I don’t have that kind of money! This young girl is Misaki Nakahara, both end up meeting at night near a park that is near the apartments that Sato lives at.


“No human beings, regardless of who they might be, want to look directly at their own shortcomings.” -Tatsuhiko Takimoto, Welcome to the NHK

I wouldn’t put this anime up as “psychological” but we do see many different characters and situations that Sato encounters through the show, meeting up with old classmates to getting in and out of situations he thought would be impossible.

Yet, who knows? Maybe we’re stuck in our own conspiracies.

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